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f11 is a brand new and FREE online magazine. The magazine is primarily intended for Australian and New Zealand readership, but accepts subscribers from any country. It is aimed directly at professional and enthusiast photographers, people working with images and collectors of photography. Accordingly, f11 will not carry consumer content such as reader photo competitions or articles about how to win these. f11 will not be available in supermarkets.

f11’s contributors shoot, collect, live, eat and breathe pictures. They are also astute observers and experienced commentators on the imaging business. f11 showcases images of every type and origin, silver and pixels, wet and dry, dark and light, Polaroid and iPhone! The magazine features products, technology and seeks insight from leading image makers on the use of these. Make sure to check out my monthly column in f11 magazine!

The July 2011 launch issue is currently in production with image portfolios by Chris Coad, Simon Harper and Nick Servian; with product reviews of the Fujifilm X100 and Apple iPad 2.

Hurry and subscribe now. One of the first 5,000 subscribers will win an Olympus XZ-1 digital camera! 

f11 is free to read online every month. Subscribe to f11 here.

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