Digital cameras are everywhere but film is far from dead! Fine art photographers, enthusiasts and artists continue to use analog large format, medium format or 35mm cameras to create highly detailed prints. Producing the highest quality fine art prints from analog sources starts with the best film scan you can get. This is where drum scanning shines. Whether your pictures exist on transparency or negative film, the various flatbed and dedicated film scanners currently available will never produce scans of the highest quality.

For several years now, I’ve put one of the very best drum scanners ever produced at the service of many photographers and artists, in New Zealand. In the hands of an experienced operator, the Screen SG-8060P Mark II drum scanner is unmatched for its ability to capture incredible sharpness and dynamic range in film of all sizes. Clients who drum scan for the first time are always astonished by the results.

To use my drum scanning service with your 35mm, medium format or large format film, please contact me.



Digital pigment printing technology offers endless possibilities to fine art photographers and artists. Whether your photographs exist on film, come from a digital camera or is a digital painting or illustration, I will assist you in producing the most beautiful prints possible, in any size, for an exhibition or to proudly display in your home or office .

As a photographer myself, I understand that making museum-quality prints is not simply pressing the ‘print’ button. Museum-quality printing requires methodology for proper color rendition but also it relies on using the finest archival papers. If you have questions about digital pigment printing or would like to use my museum-quality printing service, please contact me.