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Guhonda, Largest Silverback Gorilla In The World, Rwanda

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At 225Kg, Guhonda is the largest silverback mountain gorilla in the world. He is the alpha male of the Sabinyo group and is often seen in the company of one of the group’s several adult females. Rwanda’s Volcanos National Park (Parc National Des Volcans) is home to some of the critically endangered mountain gorillas. The… Read more »

Photo Expedition To Rwanda & Uganda

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On my most recent photo expedition to Eastern Africa, 6 months ago, I invited a small group of avid travelers to join me. The three-week adventure took us to Rwanda and Uganda, two countries where photography opportunities and wildlife abound. I couldn’t wait to return to the slopes of Volcanoes National Park in search of… Read more »

Back from Africa

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My two-month photographic exploration of eastern and western Africa has come to an end. As I reminisce and browse the many images, the feeling of incompleteness is great. Not so much because of a lack of worthy images but more with the realization that a proper exploration could take a lifetime, even when narrowing down… Read more »